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Elevate Your Golf Game

Elevate Your Golf Game

Fletcher johnson

Learn about hydration, meditation, snacks, lucky crystals and more!

Whether you are new to the game, or have been playing your whole life, there is always a way to Elevate your golf game. Many of the techniques discussed in this article will be simple, and yet incredible profound.

Being inconsistent is a common complain amongst golfers, and yet their approach is not consistent. Here is opportunity to stabilize the foundations of your game, and increase your ability to thrive. 

By the time you read this blog post you'll have learned about and have access to:

  • A helpful printout with a pre-play checklist and affirmations
  • 'The Joy of Golfing' and other audio experiences
  • Proper Hydration
  • Ways to reduce your allostatic load (stress levels) 
  • How Maybelline used a piece of black tourmaline to protect her self against her "own BS!"out on the course, and other crystals that may support you.

When your body and mental state are out of balance, your golf game can suffer. Athletes perform at their highest levels when feeling positive, focused, and relaxed. 

If you’re finding that you’re not playing like yourself, or golf is no longer fun and relaxing, read on more for strategies to change your mood and get back to loving the game. 

Plan Ahead to Reduce Stress

The best way to start your day on the course is with a good night’s rest. You will wake up feeling motivated and focused when you have had enough sleep.  

Arriving late or unprepared for your tee time can throw you off your mental game, leaving you rushed, ungrounded, and even frustrated. To avoid this, pack your bag the night before with all of your essentials, especially if you have an early tee time.

Get Hydrated & Stay Hydrated 

Don't start out behind the ball!

Staying hydrated is crucial for playing at your best. Dehydration on the course can impact your energy and mood. It can also make it hard to concentrate. Start your day by having water before anything else to drink in the morning. 

Drinking alcohol, artificial sugary drinks, or coffee (any caffeine really) decreases the body’s electrolytes, which can significantly interfere with your performance. We also lose them via perspiration. This becomes increasingly important the more holes you play, and the hotter the temperature.

Consuming plenty of water is important, but here are some natural ways you can replace your electrolytes:

  • Coconut water (cooling)
  • Broth (likely warming, but will depend on the herbs/spices/various ingredients.
  • Water with a squeeze of lemon and honey (warming)
  • Lime plus with maple syrup (cooling)
  • Adding a dash of high quality mineralized salt to your water

Maintain Balanced Blood Sugar

The more energy you have, the better you’ll play. Blood sugar imbalances can keep you from thinking clearly, and playing to your best of your abilities. If a meal is to light, it won't be enough to sustain your energy or your critical thinking capacity.

Plan your tee time so that you can eat a solid meal before you hit the course. You'll want something heavy enough to sustain you for 2-5 hours, depending on how many holes you plan to play. But light enough that it's not hindering your performance.

Your digestion and metabolism use up a huge part of your energy, so if it's focused on breaking down lasagna, there will be less energy flowing to your muscles and brain, thus reducing athletic performance.

Best to be prepared and take snacks just in case. Choose whole foods that are easy to eat without making your gloves or clubs messy, like grapes.

Check your Vibe

By setting positive intentions and using affirmations. This will improve performance, reduce anxiety, and increase the amount of contentment and fun you have on the course.

By setting positive intentions and using affirmations. This will improve performance, reduce anxiety, and increase the amount of contentment and fun you have on the course.

When using affirmations, there are a few things to remember:

Repeat them consistently: You can say them before you go to bed, in conversation, before the game, before you hit, when you’re feeling nervous or frustrated, and after you have finished the game. You can say them to yourself, out-loud , or write them down on our Intentional Golf Printable.

Make them broad and believable: Affirmations work best when you believe they are attainable, and keeping them broad ensures you don’t get too hung up. Try saying “My handicap is improving” rather than “My handicap will drop 20 points this round.” This gives the universe space to provide you with what you want, but potentially something better that you hadn't even considered. 

Feel it: Affirmations are more effective when you believe they’re happening in the present moment. Pretend what it would feel like for your affirmation to be true, and then hold that vibe as if it were currently happening. Need a little help with this? She created a special free meditation, ‘The Joy of Golf’- give it a listen, and be sure to follow her profile.

Using affirmations before, during, and after you play can help you overcome negative thought patterns, shift your vibration, and visualize the outcome you want to see.


omething we all do, all the time, but rarely consider the importance of impacts of doing. By allowing for a moment to take a breath, we can reduce nervousness and improve focus.

Breathing facilitates your body and brain's coherence. When you give attention to your breath, you’ll have more space to concentrate on your strategy. All it takes is one. A simple in and out signifies to your nervous system, 'ok we are doing this now, get the troops ready.' One way to practice focused breathing on the course is to decide a consistent time to take just one breath. 

Convenient times to take an intentional breath are:

  • before you even get out of the car
  • when unloading and loading your bag
  • when arriving at a new hole
  • while grabbing or replacing a club
  • before you swing
  • while waiting for others to hit

It won't take any extra time, you are already doing it, and it's very discreet. 

Enhance Your Energy

If you’re feeling like you can’t shake the negative energy even after you have taken these steps, adding a crystal to your golf gear could help. Setting an intention with a crystal and keeping it in your pocket will remind you of why you’re playing. Each crystal has it's own unique personality, and can support you in various ways.

When Maybelline, a client at Elevate, felt so frustrated she wanted to quit, she was able to use a crystal to aid in changing her mindset. She found relief when she used a black tourmaline. 

She was able to find relief because she used the crystal and its meaning to ease her negative thoughts. She kept it in her pocket and rubbed it every time she felt frustrated, which helped her play without getting angry or wanting to quit. She finally started to enjoy golfing again, and visibly looked better when she came off the course. 

Like Maybelline, when you’re feeling dysregulated or unfocused, rub the crystal gently, breathe, and say a positive affirmation to get you back on track.

You can keep crystals in your pockets, golf bag, or even bra! Some other ones to consider are:

  • Citrine to improve physical strength, power, energy and confidence. Known as the success stone.
  • Carnelian for creativity, courageousness and improving visualization skills.
  • Tiger's Eye to keep you safe from rogue golf balls, wild animals, injury, and feelings of jealousy. This stone will help you play intuitively and with clarity.


By practicing these tips you ensure you’re ready to play the best game of your life! Feel like you might be needing some customized recommendations? Book a complimentary private shopping experience or a Spirit Session.

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