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Bath & Body

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  2. Body Butter Gift Set
  3. Brass Bowls
  4. Agave Dry Body Brush
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  5. 'Revive' Lemon Balm and Tulsi Body Oil
  6. Gift Card
  7. Crystal Infused Florida Water
  8. Earth Momma
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  9. Warm & Fuzzy Gift Set
  10. Health & Happiness Set
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  11. Nauti & Nature (B)
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  12. Nauti & Nature (A)
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  13. Inner Strength Gift Set
  14. Embodied Gift Set
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  15. Nautical Breeze- Sugar Body Scrub
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  16. Oatmeal Bath
  17. Stress Relief Bath Salt
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  18. Zen Bath Salt- Wild Orange and Patchouli
  19. Bath Praline
  20. Bath Salt- Patchouli, lavender and lime
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  21. Facial Toner
  22. Nasya Oil - Clarity
  23. Revive Body Butter