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Spring Specialties

Need something to get the engine started and moving? Ned to 'lighten-up'? Check out these specialized products for kapha, and spiritual cleansing.

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  1. Black Tourmaline Raw Piece
  2. Selenite Crystal Wands (4 inch)
  3. 'Revive' Lemon Balm and Tulsi Body Oil
  4. Abalone Shell Smudge Bowls (Large)
  5. Abalone Shell Smudge Bowls (Medium)
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  6. Amethyst Geode
  7. Amethyst Tower Points
  8. Blue Kyanite Crystal Polished Freeform Healing
  9. Carnelian Shallow Bowl
  10. Carnelian Tumble
  11. Chevron Amethyst Tumble