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Are you ready to feel more up-lifted, empowered and in-lightened?


Community Reiki Experience

  • $35.00
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Do you desire to have more energy in your body? Want to have a more consistent self-care routine so you can achieve your deepest desires? If this is you keep on reading

After a reiki session the stress response in the body is decreased, along with feelings of heaviness or fatigue. This results in feeling lighter as the things that have been weighing you down transform. You could experience feelings of deep soul level rest, to deep senses of knowing about things that have become illuminated. If your wrestling with something you need clarity with, feel like your ready to integrate more healthy practices in your life. Then try Reiki. This is a time to give thanks, process, transform and release. Become realigned with the things that spark you joy. This process can radically reduce emotional, physical and spiritual pain.

This rejuvenating experience will be lead on zoom by Fletcher Johnson, Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master. She has been uplifting the community since 2007. Fletcher is now sharing the tools that have radically changed her life for the better.


  • This hour long online session is camera optional, and can be done from the comfort of wherever you may be.
  • No Experience necessary
  • Zoom links will be sent out via email 1 hour before class to all participants. The session will be guided with an optional opportunity at the end for sharing and integration.

Upgrade your experience with an intuitively curated self-care kit with products from the shop. These products will also be infused during the reiki session so that the healing continues even after the session is complete. 

Want to pick the crystal that speaks to you for this event yourself? Check our selection and add it to your order. We will add it to the grid during the experience, and ship it to you afterwards. 

They can either be picked up locally in Chestertown, or via Priority Mail in the US. Free Shipping with code LOVEANDLIGHT