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  • $55.00
Back in soon!
An online event (March 10th, 4pm EST) where you can receive Reiki & rocks!
Join Fletcher as she leads through a 45 minute guided experience to help you heal, align & harmonize. Your intuitively selected crystals will be used to create a personal healing grid during the live session.
After the event, you will receive your charged crystals in the mail (or pickup locally). Rejuvenate, rest & restore from the comfort of your own space and delight in the arrival of crystals lovingly picked just for you.

How does this work? Reiki is a hands free healing modality, so when a person comes to an in person session, they are actually not being touched. As a practitioner moves up in levels, the are able to send Reiki anytime, anywhere, and to anything that is open to receive.

So where do the crystals come into this? Crystals are used as frequency transmitters, much like tuning to a certain radio station. Yes, Reiki can be done without them, but the crystals will continue to be a conductor even after our session has closed. You can use one, or you can make a grid.

oooooook sooooo.........what's this going to look like? As each order is received Fletcher (Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master & shop owner) will intuitively choose $25 worth of crystals from her shop especially for you. Each of these will be used to build the grid Fletcher will be using to send the Reiki with during the live event...and yes, it will be beautiful, enchanting and powerful.

How do you know if it is for you? Maybe you just want an overall sense of enhanced wellbeing, or perhaps you have a specific intention in mind. Either will work. Fletcher will ask Spirit that you receive energy in alignment with your highest self, for your highest good, for you to release what is no longer serving you, and for you to receive exactly what you need in that moment.

Rock~N~Reiki Includes:
-A Guided Reiki experience- $25 (or more) of crystals
-Local Pick Up Available - Free shipping in the US
-Include any special requests or intentions in the 'notes' section when purchasing.

Session will be around 45 minutes in length

Oh, and one lucky person will get this gorgeous citrine slab!