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Crystal Infused Florida Water

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Protect and purify yourself (and space!) with Florida Water. This is our own intuitively crafted take on Florida Water—brewed on a new moon and infused with crystals for a full lunar cycle. Each bottle contains 4 oz. of our signature scent (floral with hints of citrus & spice) and infused with genuine crystals: - Snowflake obsidian for shielding, purity and balance - Dalmatian jasper to ground, protect and uplift - Quartz to cleanse, release and raise energy Uses: Give a spritz whenever you feel the need for grounding or protection, or to be uplifted. Use it to clear negative energy, cleanse crystals & healing objects. Ingredients: Floral water, botanicals, spirits, essential oils, genuine crystals. Comes packaged in a frosted glass bottle with fine mist sprayer.