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  • Up-lift, Empower, In-Lighten

    Self-Care & Stones

    Bringing people to a higher place
Re-Connect with Yourself
Become Empowered
Let the Light Shine In
  • Re-Connect with Yourself
  • Become Empowered
  • Let the Light Shine In
  • Themed, Custom or Mystery

    Gifts Boxes

    and Bundles
  • Book Your Spirit Session

    Choose a crystal for your session and let the charge continue to support you afterwards.

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  • Dickens Weekend- READINGS
    Friday 5pm-7pm & Saturday 10am-4pm

    Dickens Weekend- READINGS

    300 S Cross St, Chestertown, MD, 21620


  • "I absorbed a delicious bespoke reiki session with Fletcher this morning. I feel serene, grounded, clear and assured. Don't walk, RUN to go see her!"

    Adriane Watson

  • "Noah and I got to visit Elevate today and we left with some treasures. The space is absolutely gorgeous, the energy is so safe and inviting, and the items all around are so beautiful (and won't hurt your wallet). It's nice to have a space like this close to home. Y'all have to see it for yourselves!"

    AJ Smith

  • Kee has been struggling with a loss of breath, lightheadedness and feeling like she could pass out. Fletcher met with her to correct her reverse breathing pattern that was creating anxiety. SHE IS LIKE A NEW KID! I can't say enough great things about Fletcher and the tools she taught Kee.

    Stephanie Clayton