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Did you know that your digestion impacts your overall energy and quality of life? Time to Elevate your Health 💫


3-Day Detox, a free self paced online course

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Have you ever have your stomach be bloated so bad that you stayed home from an event?

Or worse, you actually had to go...and no amount of sucking it in or spanx is flattening that beachball out...your definitely not feeling like your most sparkly self and still have to put on a smile plus be actually have to go to the (gasp) might be embarrassing, after all your regular schedule has been a bit off lately...really everything has been off lately if you're being honest.

If only you knew where to start~ you're busy, and besides you've tried everything already anyway. If only there was something simple, that just gave you a break. Like a mini-vacation, but not one where you're in the bathroom the whole time. The thing is, you know you need to make some changes- being this tired and inflamed all the time sucks the joy right out of life.

It's time to get back to basics. In this 3-day course you'll:

  • Learn how to take authority and self-regulate in your own life so that you can be feel confident and empowered by your decisions
  • Learn where your metabolism is, where you want it to be, and how to get there
  • Improve your tapas (discipline) so that you can make wise decisions based upon the knowledge you will gain in this experience.
  • Create mindful awareness about your hunger levels so that you can avoid headaches, hanger, brain fog and energy crashes.
  • Learn to portion control based on your true hunger levels and energy management-->which will lead to weight regulation
  • Know when you are full to prevent overeating
  • Know the warning signs before you eat the snickers
  • Learn what is irritating your system to decrease inflammation, which leads to reduction of overall pain.

Benefits may include, but certainly not limited to:

  • Reduced gas, burping, heartburn, constipation, diarrhea, fatigue, generalized pain, and the chance of having those pesky embarrassing moments
  • Feel lighter, more energized, balanced, in touch with your true needs
  • Awareness of habits that are not aligned to your highest good or goals
  • Creating daily rituals that promote sustained health

Other Important Details:

  • Self-paced, start anytime you want!
    It's affordable (free)
  • Taught by an expert (Fletcher)
  • Can be adjusted to meet you lifestyle needs easily
  • Will see fast results across various aspects of your life
  • Gain knowledge about yourself that is invaluable.