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Are you ready to feel more up-lifted, empowered and in-lightened?


Reiki Level 1 Training- Self Paced Online Certification

  • $199.00
Educational Style

A level 1 training is for the person who is ready to experience Reiki's healing on another level. You will be able to clean your aura, protect your energy and speed up the healing process all for yourself. You can even transmit Reiki to. other people animals, animal, plants and more

If you want the capability to do Reiki to yourself anytime, anywhere-keep reading.

Are you empathic and 'over feeling' everyone else's energy around you (for better or worse)? Have a tendency to take on other people's problems? Reiki can help you discern, understand and regulate your sensitivities.

You have chronic fatigue and pain and are ready to use your own hands and take action? Ready to achieve a deeply satisfying relaxation

You have always been intuitive, but didn't know have to 'harness' it in a safe or purposeful way. Reiki gives you a systematic approach that allows Spirit to flow through you. It is protective, purposeful and able to blow your mind with it's capabilities.

You know you have old patterns and traumas from this life or others that are ready to be transformed. Reiki supports these shifts and helps to shed light on a solution.

In Level 1 Training (Self-Paced Course) you will:

  • Learn the history and significance of Reiki and 'life force' energy
  • Traditional hand postures and meditations
  • Self-Practices
  • Healing Experiences
  • Ignitions
  • Certification for Level 1 Training and the ability to professionally run a reiki business including ethics and standards of practice
  • Access to all course content for 1 year

Attend LIVE online with Fletcher where she will customize the experience  for the group, have discussions and interactive practice sessions.

By joining the the VIP Group- Where you are live with Fletcher for both Level 1 & 2 Trainings. The training manual is included as well as a self-care kit, PLUS full access to both courses online program content for one year!