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Everything you need to get started energetic cleansing

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  1. Abalone Shell Smudge Bowls (Medium)
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  2. Orange Slices and Cinnamon with White Sage Bundle
  3. Eucalyptus Smudge Bundles
  4. Cinnamon with White Sage Bundle
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  5. Palo Santo- 1 Stick
  6. Selenite Crystal Wands (4 inch)
  7. Gift Card
  8. Crystal Infused Florida Water
  9. Cleanse Kit (RC)
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  10. Brass Bowls
  11. Slate Green Apothecary Matches
  12. Cleanse Kit (E)
  13. Filled Mini-Votive Candles
  14. Multi-Colored Apothecary Matches
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  15. Multi-Colored Cools Apothecary Matches
  16. Lavender Apothecary Matches
  17. Blue Apothecary Matches
  18. Green Apothecary Matches